Price List (from January 2015)



 FREE - usually takes 10-15 minutes



 30mins - £40.00


 3D hairstroke simulation/powder combination/block - £390.00

Scars in eyebrow from - £70.00


 Eyelash enhancement plus a liner lash enhancement. Thin eyeliner (less than 2mm) and shading/block colour - £340.00

Extended eyelash enhancement plus a liner lash enhancement. Thicker eyeliner with soft shading/soft colour - £390.00


 Lip Liner - £320.00
Lip contouring with a definite line - £400.00
Lip blush/fill - £400.00

Full lip colour - £525.00


Top up within 6 months - £75.00

Colour boost within 12 months - from £150.00

Colour boost within 18 months - from £200.00

Colour boost within 24 months - from £250.00

*All treatments include one FREE 2nd application or top up within 1 to 3 months (with the exception of maintenance and correctional procedures.) Top ups are not always necessary but due to the nature of the procedure and how different skin types react, colours do not always heal evenly. If you decide to have an additional width of eyeliner, an extra charge will be incurred.

All treatments will require top up/colour boosts at some points within 6-24 months.

Correctional procedures are less precise to predict and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Multiple treatments are often required which will incur additional costs.