Mrs J H - Canterbury
Believe it or not, it took me over 18 months to finally muster the courage to call Anita and book myself in for semi-permanent eyebrows.  I think it was the fear of the unknown and maybe a little apprehension about the possible pain.  I was initially worried about the ‘scabbing’ that everyone had been referring to. It was my biggest fear that people would be pointing and talking. Would I have to spend the next month locked up in my house, avoiding everybody? Silly really I know, but I’m sure I’m not the only person to think this. 
I shouldn’t have worried, as from the very first consultation all my fears and worries were allayed.  Anita patiently and concisely explained the pros and cons of semi permanent make up, the procedure and how this would fit into my life going forwards.
The whole procedure only took about an hour, and wasn’t painful at all - more like a slight scratching.  Anita used a special local anesthetic which apparently takes any pain away. It must have worked as I didn’t really feel any discomfort.
When she’d finished I picked up the mirror and held my breath. My eyebrows were quite dark... Darker than I expected and I was a little taken aback, but as Anita had previously explained, this is due to the ink being on top of the tattooed area, and it would absorb and dull down over the next 3-4 weeks. This had been what I previously I was concerned about, if they were too dark would they look really false?...  Well, strangely enough, within a few minutes I was actually preferring this new ‘more striking’ look, and was secretly hoping that they wouldn’t actually fade too much.
It’s now been 2 months since the procedure, and the scabbing, which was hardly even noticeable, has gone, and my brows are now amazing.  They did fade a bit, but not drastically - they just look a bit more natural. It looks like I’ve had the eyebrow fairies do my make up whilst I sleep at night - it’s a great feeling. I can answer the door first thing in the morning and not worry that I look like Grizzly Adams - LOL.
I’d convinced myself that I’d only get my brows done, but I’m now already thinking about maybe getting my eyeliner done... and maybe my lips :-)


Mrs L - Monaco
I have been a regular customer of Anita Wilson for the past 8 years and would not trust anyone else to take on this kind of work.
My previous semi permanent make up technician was no longer available, so I was recommended to contact Anita by a close friend in the UK, and during a visit to London in 2004 I arranged a consultation at her Kent practice. I was keen to find out where Anita trained and what qualifications and experience she had.  She showed me a massive portfolio of the variety of work she had undertaken, all very impressive, as too was the training and qualification level she had achieved (at the hands of one of the foremost training centres in the UK).
I had already had some lip and eyebrow work at the end of 1999. I was very happy at the time, but over time this had faded (as semi permanent make up does), so I was just in need of a ‘top up’. Anita performed a darkening of my eyebrows, and suggested that an eyeliner procedure would really suit my face, so this was done too.
From the initial meeting, to the aftercare support, Anita was professional and friendly, and always available for a chat when I was unsure about anything.

8 years on I’m still returning for visits to the UK, and inevitably this ends up with a quick trip to Anita.